About Us 有关我们

Kastanienbaum Technology (Lizishu Tech) is composed of outstanding engineers. Ability to carry out mechanical, electronic circuit, computer software design and development, and complete product solution. Our team has the habit of following up and learning the latest global technology, and long-term subscriptions to papers on computer vision, natural language processing, applied electronic technology, automation, and applied mathematics.

Team Members

Zhongliang Pang

Full-stack engineer, loves learning and R&D work. Mountaineers.

Rich experience in Internet software product development, familiar with various technical framework specifications in the development field, and acting conscientiously and rigorously. Strictly check the work of the team, and devote to the meticulous and exquisite realization of customer needs.

Tim Hsu

Full-stack engineer and designer, loves artistic and creative work, and loves to learn. Photographer.

Rich experience in product design and development. Familiar with various product processing processes, and have rich experience in implementing cost-effective solutions. Strictly self-discipline, ignore the past, only chase the future.

Alex Park

Computer software and hardware full-stack engineer, loves development and research, and loves learning. Mathematical physics and sports human science enthusiasts.

10 kg various medals certificates, received a master’s degree (computer vision) but abandoned by himself because of opposing the current social system.