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This site is relocated to the Hong Kong data center, so that access to this site in mainland China no longer requires the use of a proxy, and the United States and Japan can also access it normally. The open-source mobile phone store and cross platform mini-app using JD Taro will be launched in the near future.



The website has completely officially replaced the service provider due to technical problems that are difficult to repair in the old cloud space service provider system. The newly used CDN is located in North America, and mainland China may not be able to access certain resources on this site. If necessary, please connect to the global Internet to access this site.



The website was interrupted for several days due to system problems of the cloud space service provider, and it has now been restored. Lizishu Technology will start renting nVidia A100 computing resources (two groups of A100 x 8) from now on, and sell various copyrights and invention patents under its name for a long time. Partners who need AI computing resources can contact Alex (alexliu@demotree.vip or 3mn@3mn.net).

网站由于云空间服务商系统问题,中断访问数日,现在已经恢复。栗子树科技即日起开始出租nVidia A100算力资源(两组 A100 x 8),并长期出售名下的各种著作权与发明专利。有需要AI算力资源的伙伴可以与Alex联系(alexliu@demotree.vip or 3mn@3mn.net)。