Our Ability 开发领域

Computer Vision 计算机视觉

Static background replacement (Matting) 静态背景置换
Panoptic segmentation 全景分割
Voice tone change and swap 语音音色变换
Movie-level face change 电影级换脸
Cartoon avatar 2D/3D 卡通头像二维三维
Video cartoon style transfer 卡通风格迁移
Low-resolution movement migration 低清动作迁移
Low-resolution face 3D reconstruction 低清人脸三维重建
NeRF-level high-definition 3D reconstruction (very large amount of calculation, professional graphics card or computing card is required) NeRF级高清三维重建(计算量非常大,需要专业显卡或者计算卡)
Voice or song to lip video (this function can also be replaced by face change) 语音或者歌曲对嘴型(这个功能也可以用人脸替换代替)
Object cut and inpainting (the amount of calculation is very large for a minute, 1080p video, ordinary computer graphics card needs eight hours of calculation) 物体抠除与填补(计算量非常大一分钟1080p视频普通计算机显卡需要八小时计算)

Traditional Development 传统开发

Servo six-axis robotic arm 伺服六轴机械臂
Customized development of traditional automation system 传统自动化系统定制开发
Embedded system custom development 嵌入式系统定制开发
Flutter cross-platform application   Flutter跨平台应用程序
UE4 3D application   UE4 3D应用程序
PHP website   PHP程序、网站、 web服务

Support Precise Custom Development 支持按需定制开发